Volume 4, Issue 2

Published: 2021-07-16

Permanent, seasonal, and episodic seismic sources around Vatnajökull, Iceland from the analysis of correlograms

Sylvain Nowé, Thomas Lecocq, Corentin Caudron , Kristín Jónsdóttir, Frank Pattyn

135 - 147

Segment tip geometry of sheet intrusions, I: Theory and numerical models for the role of tip shape in controlling propagation pathways

Richard Walker, Tara Stephens, Catherine Greenfield, Simon Gill, Dave Healy, Sam Poppe

189 - 201

Tracking secondary lahar flow paths and characterizing pulses and surges using infrasound array networks at Volcán de Fuego, Guatemala

Ashley Bosa, Jeffrey B. Johnson, Silvio De Angelis, John J. Lyons, Amilcar Roca, Jacob F. Anderson, Armando Pineda


Hybrid rhyolitic eruption at Big Glass Mountain, CA, USA

Jonathan Castro, Sebastian C. Walter

257 - 277

Reviewing volcano hazard and risk communications in Ecuador: experiences from a fast-format workshop

Juan Anzieta, Glyn Williams-Jones, Benjamin Bernard, Hugo Ortiz, Silvia Vallejo, Mario Ruiz

309 - 324

Modelling eruptive source parameters in distributed volcanic fields

Elisabeth Gallant, Lawrence Cole, Chuck Connor, Amy Donovan, Danielle Molisee, Julie Morin, Rory Walshe, Paul Wetmore

325 - 343