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Editorial team


Affiliation: Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of Miami (USA)

Expertise: Experimental volcanology; Permeability of volcanic and geothermal systems; Rock deformation; RS-based photogrammetry

I am particularly interested in fluid flow in volcanic media from the lab- to the edifice-scale, as well as the mechanical deformation of volcanic edifices and the materials that they are constructed from. I am also interested in multidisciplinary research that uses field measurements to inform lab- and modelling-based studies, and vice versa.

Dr Fabian Wadsworth

Affiliation: Durham University (UK)

Expertise: Experimental volcanology; Physics of magma; Magma permeability; Magma physical properties

I am particularly interested in the physics of volcanic fracturing and re-welding phenomena, the behaviour of droplets of volcanic liquids, the kinetics of permeability evolution in magma and silicate melt properties.

Dr Rebecca Williams

Affiliation: Geology, School of Environmental Sciences, University of Hull (UK)

Expertise: Pyroclastic density currents; Lahars; Volcanic stratigraphy; Seamounts

I am particularly interested in understanding hazardous volcanic flows, magmatic processes, and the risks faced by communities from volcanic eruptions.

Dr Alex Kushnir

Affiliation: École et Observatoire des Sciences de la Terre, Université de Strasbourg (France)

Expertise: Volcanology; Rock/magma physical properties; Rock/magma deformation; Rheology

I use experimental techniques including rock and magma deformation under in situ pressure and temperature conditions to understand the structural evolution of earth materials. The majority of my research focuses on the evolution of permeability development and modification in earth systems, with particular emphasis on volcanic and geothermal contexts.

Dr Mike Heap

Affiliation: École et Observatoire des Sciences de la Terre, Université de Strasbourg (France)

Expertise: Experimental volcanology; Mechanical behaviour and failure modes; Permeability; Physical properties

I am particularly interested in the mechanical behaviour and failure modes (brittle versus ductile) of volcanic materials, and how deformation in these different regimes affects their physical and transport properties. I’m also keenly interested in the use of volcanic materials in construction.

Dr Orya Chevrel

Affiliation: Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans, Université Clermont Auvergne (France)

Expertise: Lava flows; Rheology; Physical Volcanology

Lava rheology is the heart of my research. I am particularly interested in the relationship and interdependence of magma cooling, crystallization, rheology, emplacement behavior and morphology of lava flows.

Dr Nick Varley

Affiliation: Universidad de Colima (Mexico)

Expertise: Physical volcanology; Volcano monitoring; Hazard and risk evaluation; Eruption forecasting

My main interests pertain to the interpretation of monitoring data by the conception of models to explain the behaviour of magma in the conduit through the critical processes of degassing, crystallization and subsequent variations in the rheology, possibly leading to fragmentation. Of particular interest is modelling the transition between eruption styles, to improve the capacity to forecast the evolution of an eruption. I am particularly interested in the behaviour of pyroclastic density currents, dome and silicic flow emplacement and the evaluation of risk though hazard mapping. Also the integration of petrological with geophysical time series in volcano monitoring.

Dr Clara Solaro

Affiliation: University of Hawaii at Manoa (US)

Expertise: Igneous petrology; Experimental petrology; Diffusion modelling; Tephrochronology

My research involves the study of magmatic plumbing systems and magma storage conditions by examining crystals’ textures, compositions and populations, re-equilibration processes and diffusion kinetics.

Dr Mike James

Affiliation: Lancaster University (UK)

Expertise: Lava emplacement; SfM-photogrammetry; Magma fluid dynamics; Experimental volcanology

I am interested in a range of physical volcanic processes, with particular emphasis on using analogue laboratory experiments and observing active systems with techniques such as SfM-photogrammetry.

Dr Adrian Hornby

Affiliation: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich (Germany)

Expertise: Experimental volcanology; Magma fragmentation; Brittle mechanics of magma; Image analysis

My particular research interests are in the mechanical behaviour of dome forming magmas, integrating geophysical and experimental datasets, the frictional properties of volcanic materials, magma fracture and fragmentation and the properties of volcanic ash particles.

Dr Jérémie Vasseur

Affiliation: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich (Germany)

Expertise: Experimental volcanology; Eruption forecasting; Physics of magma; Magma physical properties

My main research area surrounds the topic of eruption forecasting using laboratory and numerical approaches, but I am also interested in understanding volcanic and magmatic processes further mainly through modelling.

Dr Alison Graettinger

Affiliation: University of Missouri–Kansas City (US)

Expertise: Physical volcanology; Phreatomagmatism; Volcanic stratigraphy; Remote sensing; Experimental volcanology

My research focuses on the interaction between volcanoes and water including phreatomagmatic processes, non-explosive magma sediment interactions, and lahars. I study these processes on Earth and Mars at microscopic and landscape scales.

Dr Ulrich Küppers

Affiliation: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich (Germany)

Expertise: Experimental volcanology; Field volcanology; Magma fragmentation; Volcanic ash

I am particularly interested in magma fragmentation, transport and emplacement processes during pyroclastic density currents, the generation of volcanic ash and its variable impact.

Dr Janine Krippner

Affiliation: Concord University (US)

Expertise: Reports Editor; Dome collapse; Pyroclastic density currents

I am interested in lava dome growth and collapse and pyroclastic density currents. I am especially interested in how their deposits relate to emplacement processes and eruption style. I am also interested in leveraging social media for volcanology communication and outreach.

Dr Felix von Aulock

Affiliation: University of Liverpool (UK)

Expertise: Experimental volcanology; Water in Magma; Analytical Methods and drone based volcanology; Volcanic Glasses and silicate melts

I am interested in the physico-chemical properties of magma, melts and glasses the resultant volcanic processes. These processes range from microscopic phenomena and textures to topographical expressions of e.g. outgassing. I am interested in the development of methods for chemical, physical and mechanical analyses in the laboratory and field.

Prof. Jenni Barclay

Affiliation: University of East Anglia (UK)

Expertise: Volcanic petrology; Risk communication; Volcanic disaster risk reduction; Secondary volcanic activity

I am particularly interested in the development of interdisciplinary approaches in volcanology. My goal is to use these to better understand volcanic behaviour and its impact, and to improve the integration of this type of scientific knowledge into disaster risk reduction processes. Over the years I have used petrology, rainfall, mapping, social science, films and latterly history and story-telling as tools to help me reach these goals.

Dr Ben Kennedy

Affiliation: University of Canterbury (New Zealand)

Expertise: Physical volcanology experiments and fieldwork; Integrating of monitoring data with eruption observation; Calderas and their magma chambers; Volcano outreach and education

My experience is in exploring volcanic processes and integrating field mapping, textural analysis, geochemical data, monitoring data, with experimental data. I am particularly interested in processes related to ballistic hazards, shallow magma plumbing, lava domes, earthquake triggering, volcanic rock mechanics and permeability, calderas and resurgence, volatiles in glass, bubble growth and collapse, volcanological controls on fluid pathways related to geothermal energy, lava flow rheology, and field education and virtual fieldtrips.

Dr Amy Donovan

Affiliation: King’s College London (UK)

Expertise: Social volcanology; Science and policy; Interdisciplinary disaster risk reduction; Knowledge and decision-making

My work focuses on the use of scientific knowledge in decision-making for environmental risk assessment, and on the social and cultural dynamics of knowledge and risk. I am particularly interested in interdisciplinary approaches to complex problems around volcanic risk reduction.

Dr Pierre Delmelle

Affiliation: Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium)

Expertise: Environmental effects of volcanic ash and gas emissions; Volcanic ash; Volcanic hydrothermal systems; Water-rock interaction

The effects of volcanic eruptions on the environment and the biogeochemical cycles of key elements such as carbon, iron, silicon and sulphur captivate me. My research involves field-based, experimental and modelling approaches to understand better the various factors and processes that dictate the short- and long-term reactivity and impacts of volcanic ash and gas emissions in the atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere ad pedosphere. I am also interested in water-rock interactions in hydrothermally-active volcanic regions.

Dr Kyoko Kataoka

Affiliation: Research Institute for Natural Hazards and Disaster Recovery, Niigata University (Japan)

Expertise: Volcanic sedimentology and stratigraphy; Lahars; Tephra studies

My research focuses on modern and ancient volcanic sedimentary systems and sequences with multidisciplinary views based on sedimentology, volcanology and geomorphology. I am particularly interested in hydrological volcanic sediment transportation and deposition including lahars under fluvial and subaqueous environments and impacts of these phenomena on environment during eruptions and even during post-eruptive periods.

Dr Julie Morin

Affiliation: Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans, Université Clermont Auvergne (France)

Expertise: Social volcanology; Risk perception; Disaster risk reduction; Crisis management

My work focuses on understanding the preparedness and behaviours of people facing volcano and tsunami events. It comes along with assessing the social, institutional, and territorial vulnerabilities, and proposing tools in order to raise awareness in the face of natural hazards and to improve the evacuation and the crisis management capabilities.

Dr Sami Mikhail

Affiliation: The University of St Andrews (UK)

Expertise: Stable isotope geochemistry; Volatile element geochemistry; Planetary magmatism

My research is underpinned by a strong desire to understand the origin and evolution of atmospheres, which means I need to understand the nature of the volatile elements (primarily C-N-Noble gases) in the interior of planets. I am also passionate to ascertain how volatile elements behave during accretion, differentiation, and plate-tectonic cycling into, and out of, the mantle.

Dr Kayla Iacovino

Affiliation: Arizona State University (US)

Expertise: Experimental petrology; Melt inclusions; Thermodynamic modelling; Volatiles in gases and melts

My research combines high pressure-temperature experiments, field measurements of volcanic gases, analytical petrology, and computational thermodynamic modeling with the goal of quantifying the complex interconnectivity between geochemical reservoirs on Earth and in extraterrestrial systems.

Dr J. Maarten de Moor

Affiliation: Universidad Nacional (Costa Rica)

Expertise: Volcanic gas emissions; Geochemistry of volcano-hydrothermal systems; Eruption forecasting; Phreatic eruptions

My primary research interest is using real-time measurements of volcanic gas emissions to forecast volcanic eruptions and investigate volcanic processes. I am also interested in tectonic-scale element cycling, volatile sources and fractionation processes in hydrothermal systems, oxidation states of magmatic systems, stable isotopes, volatiles in melts, magma evolution, integration of multi-disciplinary records of eruptions, and using drones to monitor volcanoes.

Dr Jacqueline Dohaney

Affiliation: Swinburne University of Technology (Australia)

Expertise: Volcano Education Research; STEM and Communication Education Research; Risk and Crisis Communication; Volcanic Petrology

I am interested in how we learn, teach and communicate about volcanoes. My goal is to support knowledge transfer within the education and volcanology communities through evidence-based research and pedagogies. In the past, I’ve researched field trips, videogames, role-play, training exercises, communication interventions, workshop design, participatory research design, with a recent focus on learner and professional identities and bringing professional practice into the classroom.

Dr Frédéric Dondin

Affiliation: The Seismic Research Centre, The University of the West Indies (Trinidad and Tobago)

Expertise: Volcano slope stability; Volcano Mass Flow modeling; Volcanic Landslide-generated Tsunami Hazard Assessment; Seamount Volcanism

I am a physical volcanologist using a multidisciplinary approach to assess volcanic flank failure and their tsunami consequences. I use mainly numerical simulations based on advanced physical models with recently the help of laboratory experiments to answer the scientific problems I have to solve. I am also involved in the monitoring of the only active seamount of the Lesser Antilles Arc that is the Kick-’em-Jenny volcano.

Dr Dmitri Rouwet

Affiliation: Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Sezione di Bologna (Italy)

Expertise: Fluid geochemistry, Magmatic-hydrothermal systems, Crater lake dynamics, Probabilistic hazard forecasting

I dedicate to fluid geochemistry with the scope of characterization of magmatic-hydrothermal systems of active volcanoes, volcanic surveillance, and hazard assessment. I often use active crater lakes as natural laboratories, as they are windows into the underlying hydrothermal systems. Transferring insights from fluid geochemistry in a probabilistic framework in order to track the state of unrest of volcanoes is a secondary branch of my research.

Dr Susanna Ebmeier

Affiliation: University of Leeds (UK)

Expertise: Volcano Remote Sensing; Active deformation; Volcanic topography; InSAR

I investigate different aspects of volcanic activity using satellite remote sensing. I am interested in the physical processes that control the character of volcanic activity, including magma storage, edifice growth & collapse, and mechanisms for melt and volatile migration. An important aspect of my research is exploring how satellite technology can be made useful for volcano monitoring and assessing volcanic hazards.

Dr Alison Jolley

Affiliation: University of British Columbia (Canada)

Expertise: Volcano Education Research; Human Interactions with Volcanoes and Volcanic Landscapes; Volcano Heritage and Tourism

I am interested in how people interact with and find meaning in landscapes and how these concepts may be applied to the teaching and learning of geoscience, particularly in field educational settings. My work in these and related fields has included quantitative, qualitative and mixed-methods approaches through survey development and implementation, focus groups, interviews and observations.


Social media and Outreach

Rebecca Coats

Affiliation: University of Liverpool (UK)

Expertise: Experimental volcanology; Magma rheology; Rock physics; 4D tomography

My main areas of interest lie within the physical properties of magmas, and how they flow and fail. I have a more specialised interest in the way crystals and bubbles affect the behaviour of lava dome materials.

Jenny Schauroth

Affiliation: University of Liverpool (UK)

Expertise: Experimental volcanology; Formation and reduction of magma porosity

I am an aspiring volcanologist, particularly interested in magma porosity, studying magma foaming and closure of volcanic fractures.


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