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Vol. 6 No. 2 (2023)

Published: 2023-07-18

Impacts on water transport networks after three widespread volcanic ashfalls in Andean Patagonian lakes

Pablo Salgado, Gustavo Villarosa, Débora Beigt, Valeria Outes, Carol Stewart, Fernando Baranzini

173 - 200

Laser heating effect on Raman analysis of CO2 co-existing as liquid and vapor in olivine-hosted melt inclusion bubbles

Charlotte L. DeVitre, Kyle Dayton, Dr. Esteban Gazel, Dr. Ayla Pamukçu, Dr. Glenn Gaetani, Dr. Penny E. Wieser

201 - 219

A summary of peer-reviewed resources for teaching volcanology in higher education

Jacqueline Dohaney, Alison Jolley, Ben Kennedy, Alex Watson

253 - 263

Subglacial volcano monitoring with fibre-optic sensing: Grímsvötn, Iceland

Sara Klaasen, Solvi Thrastarson, Yeşim Çubuk-Sabuncu, Kristín Jónsdóttir, Lars Gebraad, Patrick Paitz, Andreas Fichtner

301 - 311

Lessons learned from the 2022 CONVERSE Monogenetic Volcanism Response Scenario Exercise

Yolanda C. Lin, Einat Lev, Ria Mukerji, Tobias P. Fischer, Charles Connor, Wendy Stovall, Michael P. Poland, Alexandra M. Iezzi, Christelle Wauthier, Judit Gonzalez-Santana, Heather Wright, Samantha Wolf, Tobi Kasali

345 - 366

A systematic review of volcanology learning and teaching in higher education

Jacqueline Dohaney, Alison Jolley, Ben Kennedy, Alexander Watson

221 - 252

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