Dynamics of magmatic intrusion: what can we learn from the comparison of analog and numerical models?

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Séverine Furst
Virginie Pinel
Francesco Maccaferri


This study investigates the dynamics of magmatic intrusions based on the joint analysis of analog and numerical models. By injecting different fluids from the bottom of a solidified gelatin block, we simulate the propagation of magmatic intrusions through the crust and record their shapes, trajectories, and velocity as they rise towards the surface. Additionally, we make use of a 2D fluid-filled crack propagation model constrained by our experimental observations. The numerical simulations demonstrate that our viscous fluid-filled crack experiments, conducted with silicon-oil injections, propagate in the same regime as typical basaltic intrusions. The comparison between analog and numerical results allow us to define the domain of validity of the numerical model and its limit of applicability. This study provides new insights into the processes that control the propagation of magmatic intrusions and our ability to reproduce them using analog and numerical models.


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Furst, S., Pinel, V. and Maccaferri, F. (2024) “Dynamics of magmatic intrusion: what can we learn from the comparison of analog and numerical models?”, Volcanica, 7(1), pp. 67–87. doi: 10.30909/vol.07.01.6787.
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Received 2023-06-23
Accepted 2023-11-30
Published 2024-02-02
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