About the journal

Volcanica is a broad-scope open-access international journal promoting research into all aspects of volcanology, including physical phenomena and their impact on society, health, and the environment.


 Free to publish, free to access

The Volcanica team is committed to establishing a publication system that allows free open access to published content, whilst also removing publication fees. While there are inherent costs involved in academic publishing, thanks to backing from an institutional publishing house (Presse universitaires de Strasbourg), these costs are not passed on to authors or subscribers. A rigorous peer review system assures impartial assessment of quality scientific research which, thanks to Open Journal Systems, part of the Public Knowledge Project, can be accessed freely, by anyone. In practice, this means that submitting a manuscript is completely free for authors, and accessing content is completely free for readers. Moreover, authors retain copyright to their work, so your work can be shared freely and openly. More information is available on our Policies page.


Research formats

Volcanica accepts original research in Research article, Short communication and Report format. For more information, check out the Author Guidelines page. Articles may be submitted in Microsoft Word, Open Office, or LaTeX format. A template for Word can be found here and for LaTeX can be found here. Please follow the formatting instructions provided in the relevant documents. Figures should be embedded in the manuscript or uploaded separately. Figures should be sized according to whether they will cover one or two columns: 85 mm or 175 mm width, respectively. Maximum figure height is 200 mm.