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Vol 1 No 2 (2018)

Published: 2018-08-22

Field evidence for the lateral emplacement of igneous dykes

David Healy, Roberto E Rizzo, Marcus Duffy, Natalie J C Farrell, Michael J Hole, David Muirhead


Trashcano: Developing a quantitative teaching tool to understand ballistics accelerated by explosive volcanic eruptions

Fabian Ben Wadsworth, Holly E Unwin, Jérémie Vasseur, Ben M Kennedy, Julia Holzmueller, Bettina Scheu, Taylor Witcher, Janina Adolf, Francisco Cáceres, Ana S Casas, Valeria Cigala, Alexandra Clement, Mathieu Colombier, Shane Cronin, Marcel Cronin, Donald B Dingwell, Leticia F Guimarães, Laura Höltgen, Ulrich Kueppers, Gilles Seropian, Sönke Stern, Adrien Teissier, Caron Vossen, Natalie Weichselgartner

107 - 126

The different characteristics of the recent eruptions of Fernandina and Sierra Negra volcanoes (Galápagos, Ecuador)

Francisco Javier Vasconez, Patricio Ramón, Stephen Hernandez, Silvana Hidalgo, Benjamin Bernard, Mario Ruiz, Alexandra Alvarado, Peter La Femina, Gorki Ruiz


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