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Vol 1 No 1 (2018)

Published: 2018-03-07

Unrest at the Nevados de Chillán volcanic complex: a failed or yet to unfold magmatic eruption?

Yves Moussallam, Philipson Bani, C. Ian Schipper, Carlos Cardona, Luis Franco, Talfan Barnie, Álvaro Amigo, Aaron Curtis, Nial Peters, Alessandro Aiuppa, Gaetano Giudice, Clive Oppenheimer


Fire resistance of the Mt. Epomeo Green Tuff, a widely-used building stone on Ischia Island (Italy)

Michael Heap, Alexandra Kushnir, Luke Griffiths, Fabian Wadsworth, Gian Marco Marmoni, Matteo Fiorucci, Salvatore Martino, Patrick Baud, H. Albert Gilg, Thierry Reuschlé


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