Lessons learned from the 2022 CONVERSE Monogenetic Volcanism Response Scenario Exercise

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Yolanda C. Lin
Einat Lev
Ria Mukerji
Tobias P. Fischer
Charles Connor
Wendy Stovall
Michael P. Poland
Alexandra M. Iezzi
Christelle Wauthier
Judit Gonzalez-Santana
Heather Wright
Samantha Wolf
Tobi Kasali


When volcanic unrest occurs, the scientific community can advance fundamental understanding of volcanic systems, but only with coordination before, during, and after the event across academic and governmental agencies. To develop a coordinated response plan, the Community Network for Volcanic Eruption Response (CONVERSE) orchestrated a scenario exercise centered around a hypothetical volcanic crisis in Arizona’s San Francisco Volcanic Field (SFVF). The exercise ran virtually from February 4 to March 4, 2022. Over 60 scientists from both academic and governmental spheres participated. The scenario exercise was assessed for its effectiveness in supporting collaborative production of knowledge, catalyzing transdisciplinary collaboration, supporting researcher confidence, and fostering a culture of inclusion within the volcanology community. This identified a need to support early career researchers through community and allyship. Overall, the 2022 CONVERSE exercise demonstrated how a fully remote, extended scenario can be authentically implemented and help broaden participation within the volcano science community.


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Lin, Y. C., Lev, E., Mukerji, R., Fischer, T. P., Connor, C., Stovall, W., Poland, M. P., Iezzi, A. M., Wauthier, C., Gonzalez-Santana, J., Wright, H., Wolf, S. and Kasali, T. (2023) “Lessons learned from the 2022 CONVERSE Monogenetic Volcanism Response Scenario Exercise”, Volcanica, 6(2), pp. 345–366. doi: 10.30909/vol.06.02.345366.
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Received 2022-11-02
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Published 2023-09-23
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