Monitoring of active volcanoes in Peru by the Instituto Geofísico del Perú Early warning systems, communication, and information dissemination

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Roger Machacca
José Alberto Del Carpio Calienes
Marco Antonio Rivera Porras
Hernando Tavera
Luisa Diomira Macedo Franco
Jorge Andrés Concha Calle
Ivonne Alejandra Lazarte Zerpa
Riky Gustavo Centeno Quico
Nino Celestino Puma Sacsi
José Luis Torres Aguilar
Katherine Andrea Vargas Alva
John Edward Cruz Igme
Lizbeth Velarde Quispe
Javier Vilca Nina
Alan Reinhold Malpartida Garay


Volcano monitoring in Peru is carried out by the Instituto Geofísico del Perú (IGP), through its Centro Vulcanológico Nacional (CENVUL). CENVUL monitors 12 out of 16 volcanoes considered as historically active and potentially active in southern Peru and issues periodic bulletins about the volcanic activity and, depending on the alert-level of each volcano, also issues alerts and warnings of volcanic unrest, ash dispersion, and the occurrence of lahars. The information generated by CENVUL is disseminated to the civil authorities and the public through different information media (newsletters, e-mail, website, social media, mobile app, etc.). The IGP volcanology team was formed after the eruption of Sabancaya volcano in 1988. Since then, geophysical and geological studies, volcanic hazards assessments, and multidisciplinary monitoring realized by the IGP, have provided a comprehensive understanding of volcanic activity in Peru and forecast future eruptive scenarios. Currently, 80% of the historically active and potentially active volcanoes in Peru are equipped with networks of multiparameter instruments, with the seismic monitoring being the most widely implemented. In this report, we present the situation of volcanic monitoring in Peru, the monitoring networks, the techniques employed, as well as efforts to educate and inform the public and officials responsible for disaster risk management.


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Machacca Puma, R., Del Carpio Calienes, J. A., Rivera Porras, M. A., Tavera Huarache, H. J., Macedo Franco, L. D., Concha Calle, J. A., Lazarte Zerpa, I. A., Centeno Quico, R. G., Puma Sacsi, N. C., Torres Aguilar, J. L., Vargas Alva, K. A., Cruz Igme, J. E., Velarde Quispe, L., Vilca Nina, J. and Malpartida Garay, A. R. (2021) “Monitoring of active volcanoes in Peru by the Instituto Geofísico del Perú: Early warning systems, communication, and information dissemination”, Volcanica, 4(S1), pp. 49–71. doi: 10.30909/vol.04.S1.4971.
Special Issue on Volcano Observatories in Latin America