PySulfSat: An open-source Python3 tool for modeling sulfide and sulfate saturation

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Penny Wieser
Matthew Gleeson


We present PySulfSat, an open-source Python3 tool for modeling sulfide and anhydrite saturation in magmas. PySulfSat supports a variety of data types (spreadsheets, Petrolog3 outputs, MELTS tbl files). PySulfSat can be used with alphaMELTS for Python infrastructure to track sulfur solubility during fractional crystallization within a single Jupyter Notebook. PySulfSat allows far more customization of calculations than existing tools. For example, the SCSS2− could be calculated with one model using the sulfide composition from a parameterization released with a different SCSS2− model. There are also functions for calculating the proportion of S6+/STot, allowing modeled SCSS and SCAS values to be converted into total S solubility to compare to natural data. We also contain functions for modeling mantle melting in the presence of sulfides using a variety of SCSS and KD models. Extensive documentation and worked examples are available at ReadTheDocs ( along with narrated YouTube videos (


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Wieser, P. and Gleeson, M. (2023) “PySulfSat: An open-source Python3 tool for modeling sulfide and sulfate saturation”, Volcanica, 6(1), pp. 107–127. doi: 10.30909/vol.06.01.107127.
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Received 2023-02-09
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